Cry Me a River (materialgirlau) wrote in ccs_outlet_swap,
Cry Me a River

No one posts anymore...BOOOOOO.

No one posts anymore :(  I'll do a little update:

What is your Name?

Where do you live?

How many CCO's do you have access to?

What are your Top 5 CCO Wish List items?
MAC LE shadows, pigments, old MAC collections, MAC plushglasses, MAC studio tech

What are the Top 5 (in your opinion) items available at your CCO(s)?
basically the same as above, but the MAC brushes, all the MAC shadows (mine stocks really well), the MAC pigments, MAC lip stuff (glasses & sticks).

MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC...ha ha ha.

Soooo, I went to my favorite local CCO & bought lots of really great items.  They just stocked the Barbie Loves MAC line (except Springtime Skipper, of course). 

I bought Jardin Aires, Accent Red, & Apricot Pink pigments.  I'll swap / sell any of those and I'm looking to swap for MAC products.

I've also got:
2 NEW black Lancome Definicils mascaras for $15/ea shipped.
A ton of new Kiehl's stuff
MAC Grey Stone e/s refill (used 3x) still looks new
MAC Post Haste e/s pot (used 2x) looks new, as well.

I've got pics if you want to see anything.
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